Would You Take Time To Pray During a Zombie Apocalypse?

FTWD churchIf you’ve been watching The Walking Dead* spin-off Fear The Walking Dead (which my DVR can’t keep straight, but that’s a post for a different blog), you’ll have seen pivotal scenes in the first episode taking place in a seemingly desecrated church. And in yesterday’s episode you’ll probably have noticed the candles, altar, and rosary beads prominently featured and in use by new to us character Griselda, (Patricia Reyes Spindola). Though the characters are unsure of just what’s going on in the world outside, there’s a sense of chaos, panic and a feeling of being trapped and throughout it all, Griselda kneels and prays. At the end of the episode, she portentously blows out her prayer candles.

In an interview with FTWD showrunner Dave Erickson on The Hollywood Reporter he talks about Griselda’s prayer during the madness:

She is a devout Catholic and she’s finding some degree of solace and peace in that moment and it’s important to note that behind her, Daniel (Ruben Blades) her husband is not. They’re very different. He had religion at one point and lost it and in that scene, Ruben had a note because things were falling apart outside, he said Daniel should be looking at his insurance policy so props had to generate something. He’s taking the practical route and looking for and trying to figure out what’s going to happen if his business is damaged. He’s looking to a legal remedy and she’s looking to religion.

We all deal with fear, sadness and cataclysmic life events in our own ways. Some turn to prayer, some turn away. Some turn to printed words of insurance instead of reassurance. But in the end, we all are just trying to get through and perhaps retain even the slightest amount of control of a situation when all control is lost.

* You can read some of my interviews with Walking Dead costume designer Eulyn Womble on The Guardian, Jezebel.com and Parade.com.

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